Electronic Dynamometer

Standards: EN 10002-2; ISO 7500-1
Purpose: To test leather, textile, rubber, synthetic and polymeric materials, footwear, gloves, and protective clothing. For which there are available a wide range of clamps, extensometer, and other devices.
Model: HED05; HED10; HED20


Combustion Chamber

Standards: ISO 3795

Purpose: Determination of horizontal rate of flame spread of materials and components used in interiors of cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Model: H090


Heel Impact Tester

Standards: EN ISO 19953

Purpose: Assess the resistance of ladies’ heels shoes to occasional heavy impacts during wear.

Model: H085


Heel Fatigue Tester

Standards: EN ISO 19956

Purpose: Assess the ability of ladies’ heels shoes to withstand the repeated small impacts of normal walking.

Model: H084


Ankle Shock Absorption Tester

Standards: EN ISO 20344:5.22

Purpose: Assess shock absorption properties of ankle protective materials and assemblies.

Model: H082


Toe Caps Impact Tester

Standards: EN ISO 20344:5.4; EN ISO 22568-1; EN ISO 22568-2; ASTM F2412; CSA Z195

Purpose: Assess impact resistance of toes caps for safety and protective footwear.

Model: H081


Slip Resistance Tester

Standards: EN ISO 13287; EN ISO 20344:5.14; EN ISO 24267; ASTM F2913

Purpose: Determining the coefficient of friction between footwear outsoles and flooring surfaces.

Model: H080


Electrical Conductivity Tester

Standards: EN ISO 20344:5.13

Purpose: Measure of electrical resistance of conductive footwear.

Model: H077


Leather Grain Crack Tester

Standards: ISO 3378

Purpose: Determine the propensity of the grain leather to crack during bending.

Model: H076


Blade Cutting Resistance Tester

Standards: EN 388:6.3; ISO 23388:6.3; ISO 13997

Purpose: Assess the resistance of textile and glove materials to be cut by blade.

Model: H073